Shortly about our popular liquids

Our assortment isn’t large, but it’s big enough to surprise and satisfy every vaporizer lover.

We offer you a great line of liquids with a “Made in Russia” sign: Neft, Mama ne odobrit, Oasis, OHM NOM NOM, Maxwell’s and the Scandalist.

Sweet baking fans will fall in love with Mama ne odobrit. It’s a strong classic of sweet flavors with a nice pin up design on the bottle.

Maxwell’s will surprise you with a palette of flavors. Taste a blackcurrant jam with a strong black tea or try a nontrivial rough tobacco.

The Scandalist Chapter II. It’s a new edition of a great lineup you’ll never forget. You’ll appreciate the courage in the design of package, rich and balanced taste and a great quality of products.

Oasis has a lineup with brilliantly mixing fruits and drinks flavors. Berry gin or cucumber lemonade will fast refresh you mind and soul.

If your receptors strive for new feelings, but your budget doesn’t allow you to enjoy American liquids, then try OHM NOM NOM. It has a cute design, which can melt even a brave man’s heart, and a great line of flavors.

Neft/oil. There is a black gold in every bottle. This is a warm greeting from cold Siberia. Be risky and give a chance for the Fabulous taiga with a mix of blue anise and red mandarin or feel the Power of Siberia with a mild taste of yoghurt.

Every of these premium liquids deserves to be yours.

Vape it, taste it, love it!


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