• What should I do to keep my e-cigarette well maintained?

Atomizer (clearomizer, cartomizer, etc.) should be cleaned regularly with a paper tissue, especially coils and other smaller parts. You can also wash an atomizer with water if the device allows it.

  • What is the composition of e-liquid?

E-liquids contain: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerol (VG), water, flavorings, food colors and nicotine.

  • Are there any benefits of using e-cigarette?

The first investition in a quality e-cigarette and e-liquid is higher, but the money return is within 1-2 months. If you recount, the cigarette pack will cost only about 20 crowns. Also e-cigarette is a safer alternative to cigarettes. Public Health England’s 2015 independent evidence review found that vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking.

  • E-cigarette has a pungent taste, what should I do?

Check the amount of e-liquid, then try to disassemble and assemble the e-cigarette. A pungent aftertaste may appear due to lack of filling or wrong assembly of the e-cigarette.

  • What should I do if the e-cigarette liquid is leaking?

There are several causes.

  1. You do not fill the atomizer correctly. Check if it is correctly assembled and if no parts are missing. 
  2. Low density of e-liquid. The universal e-liquid for MTL atomizers is 50/50 (PG / VG). Low-resistance atomizers require a 30/70 e-liquid density (PG / VG).
  3. Atomizer has a damaged glow head. Install a new one in this case.